Art makes the world a better place
Art makes the world a better place
Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2022-23

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Diocesan Boys' School


Executive Summary

Diocesan Boys' School Arts Development Committee is a freshly-founded working unit in pursuit of possibilities to foster aesthetic development in DBS. The committee covers diverse forms of art such as painting, sculpture, pottery, photography and music.


Through a variety of programs, the committee aims to cultivate an artistic aura in which students' aesthetic senses and knowledge can be widened, critical thinking enhanced and skills in art making advanced.

Committee Structure

The committee consists of representatives from the Visual Arts Department, the Art Society, the Design & Technology Department, the Design & Technology Club, the Photographic Team and the Music Department. They work in tandem in different events and are always seeking ways to further the aesthetic development in the school.


Mr. CHOY Ngai Ming

Photographic Team

Mr. LEUNG Tsz Kwong

VA Department,
Art Society

Ms. SEE Yun Ning

VA Department,
Art Society

Mr. TANG Chi Wong

Ceramics Master,
Art Tour Guide

Mr. HO Ying Kit

Drama Committee

Mr. WOO Pak Hung Charles

I&D Department,
Creative Digital Media

Mr. LEE Chi Kong Alfred

I&D Department,
I&D Club, Publication

Ms. CHOW Ping Huen

Senior Auditorium Officer

Ms. SIU Yuk Mei Gara

Auditorium Officer (Technical)


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